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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 LOGO HERE - Age: 35- Job: Human Resources- Salary: $50,000- Lives in the City- Relationship Status: Married Busy Wife and Employee Spends Money on Healthy Food Health Conscious Going on walks with FriendsGoing to the MoviesGoing to Gardening Conventions Her Hobbies Include: What Influences Their Purchasing Habits Price Satisfaction/Fullness TasteHow Healthy the Product Is Convenience Meet Mitch - Age: 25-Education: Masters in Engineering -Salary: None- Lives in the City- Relationship: Single Meet Melanie Going to the Gun RangeGoing to Chill with FriendsGoing to Lecture Talks His Hobbies Include: My mom always buys Speical K, but it usually has a woman on it, never men, so it discourages me from wanting to eat it. Im also not constantly trying to lose weight. Flexible Working Hours Spends Money on Extracurriculars Focuses on Being Social Melanie likes to buy Special K Products because they work with her lifestyle. The array of snacks, easy and quick breakfasts, and shakes allow her to eat healthily. With her busy schedule and disposable income Melanie does not mind spending a little more money on food. Especially when it will help her reach her goals of eating healthily, which makes her feel good about herself. Mitch does not feel enthused to try Special K Products. Based on commercials and the images on the box and messages on the products he gets the sense they are meant for women. The products are also more expensive then his usual snacks cost him. They may be convenient and filling, but they advertise that they will help one lose weight - he does not want this. So, he is unlikely to buy the product. Will They Buy the Product? Special K Products truly remind me that happiness is about more than being a certain weight. The Gains Project emphasize this and makes me feel confident about who I am."
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