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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Pedagogy Technology Content - I have much to learn in respect to technology use and practice within the classroom- As a person who values a more traditional lifestyle who uses the computer sparingly,I must admit that integrating technology in the classroom will be a challenge!- I am very excited to learn new skills and tools that I can introduce into the classroom!- I believe that there are many new programs that can ENHANCE the classroom experience for 21st century students! - I am highly interested and enthusiastic about the content that I will be teaching (SOCIAL STUDIES WITH A NATIVE EDUCATION MINOR!)-I feel that Social Studies is a wonderful topic of interest in that it is everywhere, it is applicable, and relatable for each student!- Perhaps the challenge will be making the content applicable to each individual student within the classroom, all coming from different backgrounds and experiences- My passion is for people, for students! I want the students to discover more about themselves, their history and their current reality by way of social examination in Social Studies Courses- I have a very vivid idea of what teaching this content will look like, though I am excited to learn pedagogies that allow for me to be an inclusive, diverse, and skilled educator! :) - I feel comfortable with my methods of teaching, though as a young preservice teacher, I have much to learn! -As I grow professionally as well as personally, I believe that my style of pedagogy will develop! :) -I believe in safety in terms of emotional, physical, and spiritual within the classroom and therefore, I feel that before I develop a strategy in terms of teaching material, I must first create a safe and welcoming space in which students feel invited to learn at their own unique level
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