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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Meningitus Diseases Communicable Diseases . Non-Communicable Diseases Meningitis can be contracted by bacteria getting into systems of the body and a fluid getting into your spine, diagnoses can be confused with the flu but the doctors will do lots of tests to see if you have bacteria in you spine. This disease affects the body by having lots of pain. Meningitis can be treated with lots of antibiotics. Cancer TB can be contracted just like a cold can be, bysneezing or coughing and another person gets it. To get diagnosed for this disease can take lots of tests such as blood tests and sputum tests. A person with this diseasefeels achy and they get a cough which comes with coughing up blood. They also can experience a bad fever,mostly flu like symptoms but worse. There are drugs for people to take with TB, and to prevent it people can get vaccine. Ebola is contracted by when the bodily fluids of another person gets into open areas of the body.It takes up to 2-21 days for Ebola to be noticedand signs are headache, muscle pains, and feverfatigue. If it takes full affect it can cause internaland external bleeding as well as impaired organfunctions and vomiting, diarrhea, rash, and then even death. There is no proven treatment yet. To avoid getting Ebola just stay out of heavy crowds in areas with the disease Terberculosis Ebola Malaria Influenza It is contracted when a person gets bit by an infected mosquito. It is diagnosed when there is a film on the blood along with a fever and enlargedspleen. It usually give people muscle pain, fever,headache, enlarged spleen and nausea. To treat malaria you need antimalarial medication. To prevent it from happening to you, avoid areas withthe disease and wear mosquito spray. Cancer is contracted by you DNA Changing, you can also get it from the environment like , smoking and the sun. To get diagnosedthe doctors will order lots of teststo see if they have it. Depending on what kind of cancer it is depends on where it affects the body but if not treated then the cancer will eat that part of the body alive, and cancer can be treatedin many different ways. This disease is caused by bones thinning, and a person doesn't often know that they have it until a fracture occurs. Osteoporosis can be diagnosed by doing lots of different tests and by taking a look at a medicalhistory. People with Osterperosis experience lots of fractures and tiredness. People with this disease also can't play many contact sports because they getinjured so easely. This disease can be treated with exercise and by eating the righ tfoos, you can prevent this disease by building strong bones. Alzheimer's starts by the disease traveling from brain to brain cell, and eventually it gets so bad that people forget certain things. Diagnoses for Alzheimer's can include lots of tests and a thorough medical exam. Alzheimer's makes the brain shrink and then people forget things.People with this disease fall sometimesand they forget how to talk. Alzheimer's can be prevented by practicing good brain activities. Osterperosis Alzheimers Diabetes Cardiovascular disease It is contracted by being spread through the air. Signs start to form one or two days after exposure. The signs are fever, headache, muscle aches, coughing, and congestion. it is minor at first, but can be deadlyto young children, people that are pregnant, and peoplewith weak immune systems. It can be treated by drinking plenty of liquids and take antivirals. Use antivirals to prevent the flu from even happening. Diabetes type one is contracted at an early age, but type two happens when you are an older adult.Type one is when your body destroys insulin makingcells and you need insulin injected frequently. Type two is when the body resists the insulin and it causes the insulin to not work effectively. This cancause low blood sugar or high blood sugar depending on what is eaten. Type one is not curable,but people with type two have gotten gastric bypasssurgery and signs went away. If you keep healthy you can avoid diabetes all together. Cardiovascular disease is contracted when you are unhealthy and smoke or drink excessive amounts of alcohol. It is daignosed through blood tests,electrocardiogram, or stress testing. you can get hypertention or Atherosclerosis from this disease. you usually have high blood pressure and the wallon your artery thickens. There is no real cure forthe disease. You can prevent it by eating healthy and excerciseing
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