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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Ut enim ad minim A successful business generates system-dependent results, not people-dependent. People-dependent systems leave room for discretion, creating inconsistent quality. People who are systems orientedlearn how to more effectively make things work for your customers and for your business by learning how to improve the systems (p. 101). A system oriented business, run by people, allows employees to improve the business through systematic improvements. Entrepreneurs who build their businesses around systems ensure consist, quality results for every customer "The Entrepreneur is the visionary in us...the catalyst for change" (p. 23-24).• “The Manager craves order,and creates neat, orderly rows of things (p. 25-26).The Technician is the doer …[he] loves to tinker (p. 26-27). eMyth and InGenius Top Insights It is not enough to just be a skilled technician, manager, or entrepreneur. A successful business needs all 3. Missing any of these qualities will ensure the business will die dramatic[ally],neatly, or slowly (p. 31). Even if at times it seems that the manager and technician are questioning the innovation, the entrepreneur must realize they are all critical to success. Roya DaemiProfessor BellowsMGMT 38210 February 2015 The Entrepreneur, the Manager, and the Technician Systematic Results Your Business Must be a Prototype No Idea Is a Bad Idea There truly is no such thing as a bad idea. You need to become comfortable creating ridiculous ideas, since many brilliant ideas seem really crazy when they are initially conceived (page 33). These crazy ideas might not be immediately practical, but each one opens a door to new ideas that just might be. Being able to connect and combine nonobvious ideas and objects is essential for innovation and a key part of the creative thinking process (page 34). Entrepreneurs should continuously brainstorm ridiculous ideas to keep their business innovative and moving forward, setting it apart from the competition. Knowledge is Not Imagination Just because someone is very knowledgeable, does not mean they have an active imagination; rather, knowledge is the fuel for imagination, not imagination itself. Usually, knowledge is a left brain function. In school we are taught the way things are, not the way they could be. If this left brain knowledge is not paired with imagination, it cannot expand into new and innovative ideas. Entrepreneurs need to pair their left brain knowledge with their creative right brain in order to create new and innovative ideas that will differentiate them from competitors. These insights from eMyth and InGenius are critical to a successful business and when combined put an Entrepreneur on the path towards success. A business needs to be a perfectly organized model for thousands more just like it (p. 135). Creating a system prototype adds value for a franchise. Franchisees buy into the system of your business, not the product. Anyone can open a fast food restaurant but they prefer to have a McDonalds, due to the value of its systems for successful operation. Entrepreneurs need to ensure that they have systems and processes in place so that the business can be franchised and other locations produce the same level of quality, without their direct oversight.successfully, allowing other locations to produce the same level of quality.
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