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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Chaim Blachman DOG Nazi's arrested Chaimwhile he was working at the hospital alongwith several sick patients. He was thrown into a truckand when they stopped to pick upmore prisoners wherehe was able to slip out and go home. Chaim somehow survived the brutality disease, and lack of adequate nutrition.The factory was closed on January 16, 1945, after a typhus epidemic broke out, and Chaim was sent to a concentration camp near Munich, Germany. April of1945 The search for Chaimintensified and hiding became increasinglydifficult. He was eventually found ina boiler room. At the time Chaim was 14 years old. Young Chaim was made a slave laborer and had towork in a German-run munitions factoryin Czestochowa whichwas 124 miles away fromWarsaw. He worked dayand night. Born October 30,1927 inLodz,Poland After the invasionChaim and his family were moved to the ghettos. After invasion by Germans all Jews were required to wear th Yellow Star (Their sacred symbol). Mac | Early Adopter | Gadgets Because it seems like so little is known it seems to be Chaim lives with his dad and three brothers and sister. There was starvation, it was overcrowded,disease was ramped,and him and others fell victim to exposure. Invasion Capture Consequence BIRTH PLACE AND DATE WHERE THEYWERE MOVED Clothing HORRORS OF GHETTOS THE MAN THE MAN Nazi militia forced Chaim,his family,and hundreds of otherjews to the ghettoswhere they starved and rotted. GRANDESCAPE OUTCOME LIBERATION DATE What they were forcedto wear.
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