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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Exclusionary Persona "Although I am very busy,I try to maintain a balanced lifestyle encompassing relationships, healthy eating, exercising and working hard." Megan Russell DEMOGRAPHICS Age: 27Gender: FemaleRelationship Status: SingleProfession: Student/ Part-time WaitressHousehold Income: $35,000Location: Kitsilano, Vancouver DAY IN THE LIFE WHY NOT WHOLE FOODS? TimeCostHealthImageQuality INFLUENCING FACTORS School Social Work Exercise Other ABOUT MEGAN Although Megan would love to shop at Whole Foods, her current lifestyle does not make her a compatible and repetitive customer. As a working student, Megan must be cautious of her money and therefore, cannotcontinuously afford to shop at Whole Foods. In addition, in order to travel to the nearest Whole Foods location, Megan would be required to take public transit, depleting her already limited time. As there is a Save On Foodsaround the corner from her apartment, this is the most convenient option for her. Megan tries to eat healthy butoften leans towards frozen products in order to save time. Megan is a full-time graduate student at University of British Columbia on an academic scholarship. To pay off her loans, she works part-time as a waitress at Earls. Megan is a relatively healthy eater but occasionally has to choose alternatives due to her demanding and busy lifestyle. Megan is independent and simply focused on obtaining goodgrades as well as being able to provide for herself. On a daily basis, Megan will attend her academic classes. For the remaining majorityof the day Megan is in the library working on assignments and studying. She will squeeze ina quick work-out at the campus gym when she needs a study break. On the weekend, Megan spends most of her time at work. She will quickly meet up with friends for a coffee as well. This leaves Megan with limited time for duties such as cooking and cleaning. "Whole Foods is great but there are other healthy alternatives!"
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