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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Sports! Niko Martinez will be playing jr colleg football for bellevue college and will transfer to portland state to play. Niko Martinez my artboard start from scratch[clears the canvas] Who i am Niko will be playing college football in bellevue then will transfer to portland I am a young outsider from what my results say. I am a mix of conservative and liberal views. I answered government is almost always wasteful and inefficient. Also said that government regulation of business usually does more harm than good. Family proportionally.Nikos Family consists of his dad, lalo, his mom. shannon,brother kyle, sister, rosie, sister, alena, brother eddy and dog, buddy. My mom and dad influences me to do better in school/football and college, mostly my mom. Religion My religion is catholic which is 23.9% in the world school High school we definitelyare more questioning to our school and basic values of highschoolmore. when you pick programs its usuallywhat you are into. Socializationexperiences are different than yours in college. Race my race is mexican american, native american, and white.I had ancestors come to america to live better lives and job opportunity. Infographics of Niko Martinez opinion leaders parents, Teachers,principle, coaches.Ray lewis is caring, He goes to churcheveryone in baltimore respects him.he gives out fundraisers all the time and loves his fans and community. He has been through rough times and pulled through to become a better man. he was accused for murder but he wasn't even apart of it. and he loves his family dearly
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