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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Why is Quality Childcare needed in the USA? We know from research that sound emotional development and learning require consistency of care and of caregivers, but there is a 75% turnover in the staff of a childcare centers every 4 years. The national average annual wage for a childcare worker was 18,820 in 2010. That is less income than fast-food workers, car parker, or dog walkers receive. The Vulnerable Competent Learner theory sees children as entering the world with brains gentically wired to learn and programmed to attach to and socialize with those who care for them. What happens in the womb and in infancy has a long-lasting impact and that, as children get older, their brains operate on the foundations structured in infancy. It is becoming obvious that the absence of certain experiences and environments, or their replacement with experiences that are incongruent with the child's needs during the period from conception ro age 3, thwarts brain development. Children need adults not only to help them survive, as we have always known, but to provide them with experiences that build their brains New born children are biologically programmed to emotionally attach to, imitate, and learn from their caregivers. Researchers have found that early emotional and social deprivation can impact gene expression in ways that set neural pathways to significantly and negatively alter brain functioning, including future thinking and feeling capacity. If strong structures are not built in infancy, the odds are that the future development, llater in life, will take place on shaky ground. Only less then 10% of infant and toddler care is high quality.
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