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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 "I love Whole Foods. shops there!" Shannon Smith Loss of territories - productive land,industries and raw resources "The most important thing in my life is my family. I want my husband and children to have happy and healthy lives!" DEMOGRAPHICS DAY IN THE LIFE Age: 34Gender: FemaleRelationship Status: MarriedProfession: Stay At Home MomHousehold Income: $400,000Location: West Vancouver, BC Buyer Persona WHY WHOLE FOODS? INFLUENCING FACTORS TimeCostHealthImageQuality ABOUT SHANNON Household Social Exercise Other Shannon's day starts by assisting her children and husband get ready for their days at school and work. She will then attend to householdduties such as laundry and grocery shopping. Every day, Shannon makes sure she exercises in order to stay fit and healthy. Shannon also regularly meets up with her friends for coffee where they discuss their children, recipes, husbands and much more! Shannon then picks up her children, assists them with their homework and prepares her family a healthy dinner. Shannon loves to shop at Whole Foods as they provide healthy and organic products. Shannon goes to Whole Foods four times a week to provide her family with fresh fruits, meats and vegetables. Shannon also enjoys Whole Foods as it can become a social activity by running into acquaintances in the storeand exchanging recipes with friends from the Whole Foods website. Everyone Shannon lives in a very affluent neighbourhood where a positive social image is very important to maintain. Shannon is a mother of two children; ages 6 and 10. Her husband is one of West Vancouver's top real estate agents. Shannon is an organic eater and passes on her healthylifestyle to her family through food purchases and meal preparation. Shannon's life revolves around her family and as a stay at home mother, has the time, energy, and sufficient resources to ensure the is providing them with the best quality.
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