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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Tornadoes Climatetornadoes develop when a cold, dry air mass moves toward warm, humid airmass. The great diffrences in tempature andair pressure cause strong updrafts. A colum ofwarm air contains much water vapor is forcedhigh into the upper atmosphere. Here the water vapor condenses, releasing heat energy.thunder clouds often form above the column.A tight spiral of air forms a funnel around the column of warm rising air and the winds spinfaster toward the center.Which is called a vortex Cold, dense air swoopsin to replace the rising warm air. Geography.Tornadoes are Earths most violent storms. Tornadoes destroy many land marks and many homes. Tornadoes destroytrees, buildings, and cars. EconomicPeople lose their jobs. Companies lose money.Stores and peoples needs are lost. Some jobs arenever given back because many people move somewhere else and many people are either dead or badly injured. Bussnesise failing, moneytaken away, more tax. People becoming poorand hungry. Lose beloved things in shop andthey may have to give the owner money for the store if they rent it.People now have diminished incomeLose coworkers who are like family. It hurtsseeing them go awayto other shops is painful says source.Most stores lose 1,000 to 1,500 dollars a day not opened. SourcesAntanomy of a tornado by: Terri Doughert.
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