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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 DURING 2014, MDC ATTENDEES EXPERIENCED ENLIGHTENMENT 6280 TO KEEP BUILDING OUR PROFESSIONAL NETWORKS, BUT LIFTED! SOUGHT WHAT DO WE WANT FROM 2015? 40% THROUGH 70% 80% SO, WHAT'S AHEAD? 5 THEMED EVENTS WHAT YOU WANT TO TALK ABOUT OF US PROGRESSED OUR THOUGHTS ON AN IDEA TO TALK OF US INCREASED OUR NETWORKS living with HIV in the general population need treatment are getting it and are virally supressed OUR 2015 OUTLINE people had an HIV diagnosis in 2011 living with HIV in the general population 19% people who people in the United Kingdom are living with HIV (although a quarter don't know it) ban onHIV hometesting kits AND THE MDC BOOK CLUB: 27% trial has been started in London with MSM and has recently been supported by all the leading HIV charities in the country ban on HIV positive health-care professionals performing exposure prone procedures Copyright Ben McClelland (, 2013. Data derived from Public Health England ( FURTHER DEVELOPMENT & GOT CONNECTED... OF US WERE MOTIVATED TO SEEK FURTHER DEVELOPMENT ON MDC EVENT THEMES TO MEET FUTURE PEERS, EMPLOYEES, EMPLOYERS, AND, THOSE WHO'LL HELP EXPAND OUR THINKING. INTERNATIONAL AID | SUSTAINABILITY INTERNATIONAL AID COLLABORATION | SOCIAL BUSINESS SOCIAL BUSINESS POLICY | CAREER DEVELOPMENT CAREER DEVELOPMENT TO TALK MORE ABOUT PANELS | WORKSHOPS Q&A | BOOK CLUB THE UNCONFERENCE ON MDC EVENT THEMES WATER AID | SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT GOALS | AID & FUNDING | THE UNCONFERENCE | COLLABORATION - INTERNATIONAL & DOMESTIC, FORMAL & INFORMAL
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