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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 REAL ESTATE SECTOR SAILING INTO WAVE : GREEN WAVE As for consumers highly demands of 'greener'projects these days, the real estate industry has also started working on planning and developing Eco-friendly and green buildings, While commercial real estate has always been the frontrunner in developing green buildings,residential real estate is also catching up fast as per increased demands of these types of infrastructures Vikas Gupta Earth Infrastructures Ltd I didnt know about the incentive even though I they have three ongoing green-certifiedprojects in Mumbai. Even green projects have to go through proper channel. Sunil Mantri Mantri Realty I didnt know about the incentive even The energy used to heat and power our buildings leads to the consumption of large amounts of energy, mainly fromburning fossil fuels - oil, natural gas and coal - which generate significant amounts of carbon dioxide, the most widespread greenhouse gas.Reducing the energy use and greenhouse gas emissions produced by buildings is therefore fundamental to the effort to slow the pace of global climate change. Something as simple and considered as insignificant as the demolition/construction debris also put in to the release of greenhouse gases in more than one ways. Niranjan Hiranandani,Hiranandani Group We have always been identified globally as a premium organization providing exalted quality of deliverables to our customers and patrons, including eco-friendly habitats and sustainable lifestyles.The Commonwealth Games Villagehas been one of our finest offerings developed by employing the most sustainable construction materials and practices in challenging design,scope & time conditions. Shravan GuptaEmaar MGF Copyright © Realty Bytes |
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