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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Game of Football 11-on-11 Two Sides of the ball-Offense: Goal is to get the ball in the opponent's end zone.-Defense: Goal is to stop the opponent from getting the ball into their end zone. The Field The Field The playing field is 100 yards long, witheach end zone adding an additional10 yards, and is 53 yards wide. The playing field is 100 yards long, witheach end zone adding an additional10 yards, and is 53 yards wide. Time The game is made up of four 15-minute quarters with a half time break in between the quarters.The offense has 40 seconds between playsto get another play off (This is known as thePlay Clock)-The game clock will continue to run unlessone of the few variables stops this +These variables include incomplete passesand going out of bounds with under 2 minsin the 2nd/4th quarter Points! 6 3 2 There are multiple ways to score in football:-Touchdown: When the offense gets the ball into the opponent's end zone.-Extra Point (PAT): After a touchdown the offense can attempt to go for 1 or 2 extra points. 6 points +PAT (1): Team attempts a 19-yard field goal. 1 point +PAT (2): Team attempts a play from opponent's 2-yard line. 2 pointsField Goal (FG): Can be attempted by the offense at any time, generally on 4th down, and have tosplit the uprights. 3 pointsSafety: If an offense is tackled inside their own end zone the opposing team is rewarded points.2 points Basic Rules double click to change this header text! -Game starts with a coin toss to see which team gets the ball first-Offense has 4 downs to get into the opponent's end zone-Offense can continue a drive by getting to the first downmaker +First down makers come in increments of 10 yards (No more first down makers inside the opponent's 10-yard line)-If the offense fails to score on the drive the opposing team gets the ball (This is called a turnover) +However the offense can choose to punt the ball away on 4th down for better field position Moving the Ball The offense can move the ball by either:-Running: Handing the ball off and runningforward-Passing: Offense throwing the ball forward(Thrower can't pass the line of scrimage,an imaginary line where the offense started their play) Penalties A team is rewarded for a rules violation by the opposing team-Yards are given/taken and downs lost/replayed are some of the resultsof penalties-There's a long list of penalties
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