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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 What are the types of assessment skills that teachers need to demonstrate in the classroom? Why does classroom assessment really matter? Why do teachers need to be skilled in the assessment of student learning? *resources - Assessment Literacy in Today's Classroom What types of assessments should be used in the classroom? Forms of assessment have become one of the biggest discussion points in education. Accountability and state standards must be demonstrated and documented through student learning evidence. To answer the fundamental question:Am I truly effective with my teaching and are my students learning what they need to learn? 1. Knowing, understanding, and applying assessment skills in the classroom.2. Selecting appropriate forms of assessment:Summative, formative, self assessment, etc.3. Collecting and communicating data.4. Following ethical guidelines and procedures. 1. Effective feedback is provided during instructional process.2. Students are apart of their learning.3. Allows teachers to analyze results and make adjustments as needed.4. Information is used to support and motivate students.5. Students self-assess their own learning. 1. Formative Assessment - Teacher imput without grading.2. Self-Assessment - Students determine if learning goals are being met.3. Summative Assessment - Confirms anddocuments students performance with a grade. Classroom assessment is a continuous process where specific student product information is examined and reviewed to make sure appropriate and genuine progress toward an identified l earning goal or target is being met. To Learn More Visit... How are assessment and teaching connected? dr.raymondwitte/ ClassroomAssessment
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