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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 NO MAP OR GPS, SEA TURTLES STILL SWIM THOUSANDS OF MILES HOME. California * Los Angeles, California Los Angeles, Qoute "Most likely they have tiny magnetic particles in their brains or in their bodies that act like a compass," Brothers said. The part-icles may be spread th-roughout the animals' bodies, which would make them hard to find." Fact Over thousands of years, turt-les developed a way to use the shifts in the geomagnetic field and the field's (geomagnetic) strength to guide themselves. Fact Geomagnetism is an invisible but powerful force. The Earth's core is mostly solid iron. Electrical currents stream from it, creating a strong magnetic field. The force acts like an enormous magnet buried in the planet's center. One end of the magnet, or pole the North Pole is in the Arctic. The other end the South Pole is in Antarctica. Turtles use geomagnitismto find their way back to where they were born. Vocabulary A powerful force that is invisable. Acts like a magnet. Created by Grace Radlund. 2/9/15 Main Idea Geomagnetism helps turtles go back from where they were born and their eggs. Who would read this? The turtles brain has tiny particles that act like a GPS. I think biologists, volunteer turtle workers, and people that live by/on the beach would want to read this article. Why I infer/think this is because people that live by/on the beach would want to learn about their own animals that live where they live. Also, they know what the turtles look like and what they are. If someone from Wisconsin read this article they wou-ldn't know as much about them. 1. Sea turtles have a GPS signal that allows them to go back from where they came from and lay a nest.2. The geomagnitosm forceallows them to go back from where they where born. Summary
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