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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Forced labor, people trafficking,debt bondage and child marriageare all forms of modern-day slaverythat affect the world's most vulnerable people. Brazil was the last to abolish its participation in thetransatlantic slave trade. Contemporary slavery takes many forms,from women forced into prostitution, to child slavery in agriculture supply chains or whole familiesworking for nothing to pay off generational debts. Slavery continues on every continent and inalmost every country. Put a stop by calling this toll free number 1-800-768-0990 Bonded labor: Falling into debt and being forced to work for free in an attempt to repay it. Many will never pay off their loans, and debt can be passeddown through the generations. Descent-based slavery: People are born into slavery because their families belongto a class of "slaves" within a society. The status of "slave"passes from mother to child. Trafficking: the transport or trade of peoplefrom one area to another and into conditions of slavery.Ended in 1888 Forced labor: People are forced to work, usually with no payment,through violence or intimidation. Many find themselves trapped, often in a foreign country with no papers, and unable to leave. Child Slavery: Children are in slavery as domestic workers and are forced to labor. They're used to pick cotton, work in fishery industries.And are used for sexual exploitation, and child soldiers. Early and forced marriage: Women continue to be married without consent. It's more than likely that they're still girls. It's normal forthese "women" to be forced into sexual and domestic enslavement. Define Slavery... Millions of men, women and children arestill enslaved.
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