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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Every year Americans are involedin starting or growing a young business. Manyof these entrepreneurs seek capital from equityinvestors - either Angel Investors or VentureCapitalists. over investments Angels IMPACT about per deal 30 billion 7.5m Although most VC firms have a websiteand other ways of sending in cold call solicitations, it is best to be referred toa VC by someone who is know to the VC. MARKET SIZE 1. 2. NUMBERS VC investment 2 50B+ 20B 30B Combined 1 The average angel investor has an annual income of $90,000, a net worth of $750,000and invests $37,000 per venture *resources - 20 million East St.Louis Riot July 2, 1917 *What The East St Louis riot, better known as the race riot, was a horrible event for African American residents of the city to suffer through. *Why On May 28, 1917, after the citymeeting, angered white workers found out about an armedblack man robbing a white man. Thiserupted the workers,and caused themto start a riot. Theystopped trolleys andcars and pulled out African Amercan passangers and beatthem,most to death. After a city council meeting, white workers filed complaints to the mayor regarding black migrators. After little was done about the may riot, workers continued destroying property. Men, women, and children were beaten and shot to death on July, 1917.Many African Americanhomes were set to flame, burning many peoplealive. People were even being hung.
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