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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Major concepts in this weeks readings Encomienda Spanish and Native interactions Spanish expansion Cook Introduction Born to Die It is the white races who are inclined to be sexually attracted towards the other races which is why they mix with them the yellow and brown races by contrast have a stronger tendency to repulsion. Sadistic Demographic Disaster Anglo- Americans was built upon the traditional powers of the cacique Encomienda managed Spanish and native interaction though, rescate which was the mode of dealing with the mobile peoples. Before 1510 the major techniques and structures having to do with city life, the economic base, commerce, and mode of relationship to sedentary and nonsedentary Indians had been developed. Hybridity sits at the center of Gobineaus argument Black Legend by the late sixteenth century was the stuff of common belief of non-Iberian Europeans. American Indians died wherever Europeans trod. " adopted the anti-Spanish biases of their motherland and carried them to a peak of jingoistic frenzy in the Spanish-American War of 1898 By: Maa-vic Ansah Lockhart and Schwartz From Island to Mainland Young Sex and Inequality: The Cultural Construction of Race The problem of hybridity almost always looms large in books about race of this period, and is discussed in extraordinary, indeed obsessive, detail. -Young White mens repulsion of the native Sadistic imperative, increased by the repugnance felt by the black for the white, is inevitably accompanied by the requirement of a masochistic submission by the subordinated, objectified woman.
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