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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Major Concepts From islands to mainland *Columbus focused on establishing forts and factories while the Spaniardsfocused on dominating and controlling theindigenous The Spaniards wanted to conquerAmerica; whether it was to "save"the indigenous people from theirtorture through faith and controlor because of wealth, the Indian population decimated through illnessesand war. The white, or Aryan race, was viewedas superior and masculine whilethe indigenous were feminized andseen as weak, effeminate, or hypersexualized. European men satisfied theirfantasies withnative women, resulting in hybridity. Young suggests thefantasy and developmentof such sexual relationshipsis sadistic because nativemen and especially womenare objectified (rape); subjugatedto subordination Native women satisfywhite men fantasies;while Gobineaubelieves that mixingof blood will only cause downfall,miscegenation isinevitable. Cook: Born to Die Transatlantic Slave Trade Men of color were notconsidered to befully man;native womenwere viewed as hyper sexualized. Middle Passageprovide Africansopportunities to make themselves anew people. Men, women,and childrenprovided laborfor productionof cotton, rum,sugar, tobacco,and others. Sex and Inequality: The Construction of race The Spaniards used theecomienda system toprovide labor from the Indians,but eventually acquired Africanslaves. The Spaniards used meansof exploitation to obtain wealth, like gold, and control. The Black Legend was developed as a way to show the cruel and inhumane actions of the Spaniards. Cook believes thatdisease played a crucial role inthe demographicdisaster of the New World. Cook believes thatdisease played a crucial role inthe demographicdisaster of the New World. Mortality amongimported slaves were high due tomalnutrition, dysentery, small pox, and other diseases. People were usedpayment for goods; it was a high-risk enterprise andpeople wereexploited forransom, kidnapping,and so on. White people areresponsible for history,and once they interbreed,it causes a civilization fall. Native women wereeroticized, but werealso ridiculed inthe sense becausethey weren't white.
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