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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 What is Business of Business International Politic Advertising Marketing Business Communication The Business of Business is people International: Business is creating a better More power, more profit Business runs a cityThe political environment refer to government policy AdvertisingAs far back as Ancient Egyptused to get attention of buyers effectively. CommunicationIt is regarded as a vital to success of business Many aspects of governmentpolicy affect Businesses. Government and business work togetherto foster activity and growth in the market place Motive internationalization Cause some political riskscontrolling prices,outputs,activities and currency To evoke consumers andTo make them to buy Print ads, commercials To raise targets to awareof issuesTo educate them on benefitsof services and goodsTo give them the informationex) political ads aboutcandiates >> voters A message passed between a senderand a receiver through channels. Reduces the conflicts Prevents misunderstandingThe business v.s. customers The goal: to facilitate cooperation with groupsIt services a favourable image of an organization, In order to severe a human want Industrial progress needs cooperationand harmonious relationships. International environment: easier to tradeStrong competition from foreign subsidedbusieness Subsided by the governments can sell productsat lower prices (FTA) Technology developed, it helps to buildinternational relation. POLITIC INTERNATIONAL COMMUNICATION ADVERTISING
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