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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 There Are Ways To Prove Ghosts Are Real!! Ghosts are real, to prove that people could use an EVPand that is just one way there are many other ways to prove ghosts exists. Methods of proving ghosts are real Ghosts are made of energy,and the way ghosts get energy is by sucking it out of machinesand living things(paranormal). EVPS detect random energy, so ghosts candetect ghosts. CitationsWhat Are Ghosts Made Of? | Paranormal. (n.d.). Retrieved February 9, 2015, from to Find a Ghost. (n.d.). Retrieved February 9, 2015, from For Ghosts In Pictures Orbs. (n.d.). Retrieved February 10, 2015, from, B. (2011, November 9). Do Einstein's Laws Prove Ghosts Exist? Retrieved February 11, 2015, from . (n.d.). Retrieved February 12, 2015, from your APA website citation. (n.d.). Retrieved February 12, 2015, from Go to a "haunted" housethen all someone needsto do is look for strange lightsor movements (How to find a ghosts) Lets say someone doesn't want to go to a "haunted" house. That someone could just goto their basement and set up cameras. For a few days don't go down to the basement.Then look at the footage and if that person even thinks he/she see something stop and observe it.The most common thing to see is little light orbs. (Orbs) Albert Einstein's laws/theories prove that Ghosts are real. Einstein'slaw states that all energycan't be created or destroyed,so what happens to the energyinside us when we die. We turninto ghosts. (Einstein) (evp) Believe in ghosts
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