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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 1620s James I recognised Newmarket's potentialas a location for equestrian activity 1603 1603 - 2015 1650s Cromwell banned horse racing. The heath was ploughed 1660s The restoration ofthe monarchy saw Newmarket come back into fashion 1680s A fire destroyed half of the town The first recorded race at Newmarket took place andCharles I erected the first grandstand 1700s Frampton becamefirst professionaltrainer Town fell out offashion under George I. 1710s 1740s Early form ofsponsorship broughtNewmarket backinto fashion 1750s Jockey Club movedpermanently to Newmarket 1800s 2000 Guineas first run.1000 Guineas came 5 years later 1820s Jockey Club established as prominent landowner 1850s Railway toNewmarketbuilt. Heath tax introduced. 1860s Horses moved to theSouth Downs.Newmarket fell briefly out of fashion 1910s During WW1 Newmarket was only place to host horse racing in Britain 1950s A horse coughing epidemic saw the heath virtually deserted during the 1955 season 1960s National Stud moved to Newmarket 1970s The town couldn't do a 3 day week like the rest of the country and struggled. Newmarket stable lads went on strike 1990s Sheikh Mohammedestablished Godolphin 2000s *Carter (2008), Cassidy (2002 and 2007), Onslow (1983) and Thompson (2000) History of Horse Racing in Newmarket Widely considered the greatest of all time, Frankel was foaled, trained, raced and retired to studall in Newmarket
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