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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 What Would You Sacrafice For Justic? Civil Rights Act The Civil Rights act of 1964 strictly prohibits all form of discrimination on the basisof race, color, religion, or sexin all aspects of employment(a major milestone for blacks regarding equal rights. A Raisin In the Sun In the play a Raisin in The Sun there is a lot of racial discrimination. This is shown when thecharacter George Murchison appears. The Youngers are a poor family and when the wealthy Negroappears in the scene he is automatically separatedfrom the 'normal' Negros and is classified as asnobby white person. This shows how the stereotypes and mind sets of the two races in this play is very discriminatory. Another example of this discrimination occurs when Karl Lindnerstates the racism present in Clybourne Park. Even though he initially tries to seem as if he didn'tagree with the discrimination,he eventually blurts out to the Youngers that they are not wanted in the white neighborhood because of the color of their skin. How racism in africa started. Is It Still An Issue ? Even though there are laws against it , discrimination happenseveryday in school, communities and social gatherings. Relation to Article - Changed over Years In the article it is shown how discrimination and racism still exists butin a different form. In a recent article aperson comments on a commen site with hurtful and discrminating words against blackstrick-or-treating in an all white neighborhood.This relates to the play because the Youngerswere also told not to live in thier neighborhood because they would get hate and discrimination. In recent years this has been showed through media and internet uses aswell. Black students make up of 16%of all public school students and make up 40%of those who are classed as learing disabled. Since 1972 many blacks are payed less then whites in some jobs and black teachers hold less then 5% of faculty positions.
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