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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Exploration and Discovery from the 1400's -1500's. Meanwhile Portugal established its first colony in Brazil, with the aid of Cabral, with towns along the coast and Jesuit Churches inland. Spain's empire in the America's grew rapidly, They demanded labor from the natives, making them work in fields, mines and on plantations. The only protectedIndians were the Christians by the Church. Causes and Courses of European The Portuguese dominated Atlantic slave trade from 1450-1600. Slaves were sent to the New World and worked to death in fields and mines and then replaced. The Portuguese, took the lead, under Prince Henry the Navigator. Portugal explored Africa. With the help of Dias, reached the Southern tip of Africa in 1488 During the 15th and 16th centuries, he need to expand Western Europe grew as the population grew, and as the need for foreign goods and the need of more converts to Christianity increased. New technological advancements made the voyages easier. Christopher Columbus, proposed to sail westward to India but King John II of Portugal refused. King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of Spain agreed to fund his trip in 1492. The Spanish's want for Gold led themto the Aztec and Inca States. Cortez defeated the Aztecs in 1519 . Pizzaro conquered the Incasin 1532. The Spanish missionaries protected the Indians. Bartolome' De La Casas,a Dominican friar who was called the protector of the Indians. Spain established missions to educate the Indians, The most successful schools, however were lead by the Jesuits, but were expelled from the Americas due to Jealous Spain. Since the native population was destroyed they were in need of workers so they imported black slaves to meet this demand. Spanish friars set up schools and missions for the Christian Indians, there they learned crafts, agriculture and communication. The most successful of these schools belonged to the Jesuits. Overseas expansion helped bring about a commercial revolution that greatly changed the economy of Europe. 1498 - Vasco Da Gama sailed around the tip of Africa and finding the all-water route to Asia,which led to Portugal's domination of the eastern trade routes for several years. Columbia reached the Caribbean islands, and returned Spain with the Arawak Natives. As more settlers came to the Islands they moved inward to the mainland.
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