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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Facebook PInterest Let your friends know where you are. Checking in at certain places can alsogive you discounts. Youtube Gives you the abilityto aggregate mediafrom any social mediaplatform, and tell a storywith it.This is a great way torecap events, or break news. Stresses the relationship aspectof social media. Use itto develope long termrelationships with friends.Hence the timeline feature. Great foraudience participationand forums. Four Square LABW6 Social Media Metrics Google + Easy way to sharepictures, videos andupdates. The grouphangout is the key feature Instagram Talk about everything happeningin your life instantaneously. It gives real time slices of life. Great for teasing or telling audiences what is next Twitter . Fast photo sharing application.Great for multimedia. Great for 'behind the scenes pictures'. A virtual pinboardsocial photo sharingsite.I think Pinterestis only good when used for fashion,lifestyle and events This is best used as a channelfor any entities videos. Consistentposting usually attracts more subscribers. Storify Each of these outlets have the abilty todrive traffic to Africa Channel. From experience, have seen social media act as prime movers , bringingattention to a new brand or issue. By creating content that is social media platform specificAfrica Channel can become more than just anotherstation to watch. It can become more of an enveloping and interactive experience.By keeping a dialogue going with your audience you will surelygrow your reach, following and will get more subscribersto the channel. How will this help bring paying subscribers?
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