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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Many believe that use of a tourniquet will result in limb loss, FALSE Tourniquets are used to prevent hemorrhaging, (excessive bleeding) from a extremity (arm and/or leg) ( Extreme Hemorrhaging Left Leg) Pre-Hospital Tourniquets Save Lives and Limbs Despite popular beliefe As shown here two tourniquets are used to stop hemmoraging on the Left Lower Extremity History of tourniquets dates backbefore the roman empire. Tourniquets are used as first line of care in the military under Tactical combat causality care guidelines TCCC for hemorrhaging. Civilians first line of response is pressure on wound to stop the bleeding, Taking up time and resources. Tourniquetsare used as a last resort if at all. Image to the right is of the BostonBombing. After this tragic event Cops across the nation are starting to carry tourniquets intheir packs. Medical personnel on the other hand, are not. The Tourniquet when applied properly stops hemorrhaging,by applying pressure to the artery against the long bone.This effectively cuts off circulationto the extremity Medical Sargent, Sargent Fist Class Baily, Charles, A previous paramedic in Los Vegas states"Civilian Emergency Medical Personnelare extremely lacking in up-to date trauma training, compared to thearmy" He also stats " I myself, knowingwhat I know now, there are lives Icould have saved but instead, did the opposite due to outdatedprotocols" Studies have shown a tourniquet may be left on for up to 2 hours with out doing excessive damage to the surrounding tissue or extremity. Otherstudies have shown that tourniquets have been left on longer with out loss of limb Image by Samantha Hubbard Image by Samantha Hubbard
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