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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 BULLYING vs The Difference between Bullying and cyberbullying * 8 of 10 students has been verbally harassed at school* 4 of 10 has been physically harassed at school * 6 of 10 felt unsafe at school* 1 of 5 has been the victim of a physical assault at school Whats The Difference? STATISTICS THE REASON FOR CYBERBULLYING STATISTICS * 71.9% reported being cyber-bullied once or twice in the school year* 19.6% reported once or twice a month* 5.3% reported once or twice a week * 3.1% reported almost everyday THE REASON FOR BULLYING * Cultural causes * Institutional causes* Social Issues * Family Issues *The Bully's Personal History*Having Power*Provocative Victim * Unreliable reports * Revenge* Power* Entertainment * Stupidity * Believe they won't get caught* Are lacking empathy * Give in to peer pressure* Want to alleviate boredom Cyber bullying often choose to target victims who live far away.They do this because there is a much smaller chance that the victim will be able to hold them accountable. Bullying can also occur when they are posted to social networking sites: Like messages or posts that do not give the name of a person but contain sufficient information for readers to figure out who the post is intended for. The similarities between bullying and cyber-bullying:Bullying is the exception of social bullying, verbal and physical bullying exposes the identity of the bully to the victim. Cyber-bullying allows the perpetrators to hide their identity through anonymous screen names, false identities, unidentified numbers, and through web pages with no creator identified. The Similarities between Bullying and CyberBullying CYBERBULLYING BY: DEOPAUL SARJUE JR AND MICHEAL JEFFERS
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