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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Which weaknessof the AoC did thisaddress?/What problemdid it solve? By the time of the Constitutional Convention in 1789, some northern states had already outlawed slavery within their state borders. These states wanted a ban on the slave trade included in the Constitution. But the states in the South opposed this power because they feared Congress would use its authority to end to the slave trade. A compromise was reached by stating that Congress could not prohibit the slave trade until 1808, but imported slaves could be taxed. The AoC hadnt had strong executive, judicial, or legislative branches which meant they hadnt had the power to make laws or make the states obey them. This was until finally Congress had decided to elect a president and pass laws that would resolve the Slave Trade issue, however, it couldnt happen until 1808. The free states of the North wanted Congress to have power to regulate commerce. The Southern slave states were totally opposed to this power because they feared Congress would use its authority over tax and commerce to end to the slave trade by restrictingor outlawing the slave trade. They believed their agriculture based economy would immediately crash without slaves. Tensions arose between whites and blacks and rebellions, like Shays Rebellion, were a result of the lack of a central government and the 20 years that the AfricanAmerican had to endure until the problem was finally resolved. The south had to rethink their economic situation due to slavery being a strong influence on their life. The north was attaining the result that they wanted with their abolishing slavery. Also, the treatment of slaves would have to improve because you cannot expect to treat someone horribly and then expect to be forgiven immediately, it has to build up until the bond within the interstate relationship would improve. Which states (large/small, north/south) would benefit from this? What (if any) id the impact on slavery, abolitionism or the African-American experience in general? Slave Trade Compromise - 1808
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