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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Hello - Nice to meet you! Hallo - Aangenaam kennis de maaken! No1 Let me introduce myself and show you why I would enjoyto work with you and to become a happy Travelbird! No2 Background Worked as a youth leader and trainer for last 4 years in a beautiful innovative Estonian city, I have provided local youth with opportunities to participate actively in different fields of youth work and gained good sense of management, organisation and planning, very good communication and contact making skills as well raised tolerance and empathy. Over this period my main responsibilities included event management (events like concerts, work-shops, competitions, seminars) and project management (initiating and organising international projects), so, I handled widerange of tasks such as liaising with international partners and participants, researching their interest for new projects, producing informative overviews about projects (requirements, venue, costs etc.), creating marketing plans, booking and/or arranging suitable venues for different events, scheduling the programme, preparinginfo-materials, controlling the budget and evaluating events. Experiences so far have helped me to gain an open and person-oriented way of thinking, which I feel to be essential for efficient work as a Product Maker. My educational background supports my candidacy as I have previously studied psychology in graduate and tourism management in vocational level. No3 Intentions For now my open and daring nature has brought me to live in Amsterdam to take my experiences to the next level. I feel that current opportunity gives me the chance to get my true interest in travel industry and previously gained good sense in communication and coordination into new level with new exciting results. I truly admire TravelBirds mission and actions in order to provide best deals and comfortable service for joyful travel. No4 Motivation My sincerely high motivation to take over this job position as a Product Maker can be characterized through the willingness to transfer my positive mind-set and vibrant energy into great deals for customers, enjoyable communication and smooth management. To work with TravelBird and coordinate the travel packages in high quality excites me and I would be thrilled to join your innovative international environment! convinced? Notyet! Yes! CONTACT ME! Please, find my resume next to this motivation letter and contact me in need of any additional and more profound information:; +3725117068. Thank you very much for the time you put in to my application! Are you No5 Sincerely, Helen Heinsalu
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