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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 APAPeriodical:Hanson, Cheri (Apr 2014) a long journey. Quill and quire vol. 80, No. 3, p6. Canadian literary centre. website:Wagamese, Richard. Richard wagamese author. Retrieved from:, Richard. (2012). Indian Horse: A novel. Vancouver, BC: Douglas & McIntyreVideo:Wagamese, R. [video]. (2013). Youtube. Retrieved from: text Citations:According to Hanson (2014), "quote of significant value to the paper, subject, or thesis" (p.6).Wagamese (2015) says "quote that defends or places emphasis" (home page).Wagamese (2012) in his novel writes "in what seemed like an instant, the world I had known was replaced by an ominous black cloud" (p. 47).Wagamese (2013) believes "quote directly from video that feels relevant.MLAPeriodical:Hanson, Cheri, a long journey. Quill and quire vol. 80, No. 3. Canadian literary centre. April 2014. p6-8.Website:Wagamese, Richard. Richard wagamese author (weebly). Website Accessed Jan 29, 2015Novel:Wagamese, Richard. Indian Horse: A Novel. Vancouver, BC: Douglas &McIntyre, 2012. Print. Video:Wagamese, R. Indian Horse. Perf. Richard Wagamese. Youtube. 2013, Film. In text Citations:Hanson says that Wagamese is "quotation pertaining to authors character" (7). The journey through life is "quotation from website" (Wagamese).Wagameses character, Father Leboutilier was a huge fan of hockey (57).Wagamese believes "quote directly from video that feels relevant. REFERENCE examples for "The Indian Horse" In APA and MLA
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