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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Why havent United states ever had a woman president?? Why havent United states ever had a woman president?? Men AND WOMEN are created equal We need women and girls to see themselves as leaders, break out of stereotypical roles and value their own voices and visions. The most important message for women is that they can do it.(By Marianne Schnall, time) Women do not run for president because they think society might see them as weak individuals compared to men. If they had a choice between choosing a man or women for president, they would chose a man due to his "strength". A male president is also seen more powerful than a female and simply, some people are against having a female be the leader over men.when woman gets more successful she less liked by people of both genders and as a man gets more successful he does not take a likability = = woman should try more to run for presidency even if Hillary Clinton the first women who runs for presidency and failed against obama it doesn't matter more woman need try run for presidency because after 43 presidents only one women tried to run for presidencyThe more women we have running for this profession the more it will make it look as a common thing/ If we have several women running the idea wouldn't look as risky as if one women was running, such as what happened with Hilary Clinton. Women shouldn't be afraid to start campaigns and run for president. Also, after the first female president succeeds then the idea of a female president will become more accepting through out societ
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