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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Kayla K. Jamil Some simple truths about her. WIFEY & MOTHERLY MATERIAL Shes extremely smart. She knows how tohave awesome and deep conversations.She is always willing to learn. Especiallyabout her faith. She knows how to keep aman interested because she knows the value of life. You see so much depthnessto her, when you see her. PERSONALITY She also offers so much fun. She knows how to make people laugh. She dances, sings and lights up the closest people around her withher jokes and her sense of humor. She has such a sweet touch to her.There is a certain sense of comfort thatones gets just from being around her.She brings peace, love and joy. It is engrained in her personality. Kayla's faith is inspiring. Her dedication, love, passion and care for people haschanged lives. She is in love with Jesusand his Church. Her heart should be a model for all people to follow so that they can serve and have faith theway she does. She is not just in love with herfaith, but also helps other people fall in lovewith God as well. She is a role model to theCatholic Church and always will be. FAITH & CHURCH Have you seen her around kids? Even infants? How about toddlers? She is unreal. It comes sonatural for her to teach, love and care for kidsthat are not even hers. Imagine when she doesbecome a mother? How amazing is she going to be at teaching them? That is some image. Wow.Now take that image. And apply it to what kind of wifeKayla is going to be? Tears may come down thinkingabout such beauty. JUST A FEW WORDS Kayla is an unbelievable gift to the people around her, even if they don't know it. She is an amazing example of being an image of God.With her faith, personality, and purity, combined with her love and passion for others, she comes out to be a beautiful gem that words cannot describe. She is so special and she makes people around her feel special. Her love is true. Her dedication to others is super-natural. She lives life for God. She is in love with his Son. She shines His light on to others allowing them to be movedby Him. When people see Kayla, they don't see the world. They see a representative of God. She is and always will be willing to "give it all to Him". It is because of this that she is able to inspire and enrich so many people around her, including her students.God only knows how blessed her boyfriend is. SUMMARY PURITY So, she is all of these things. The awesomeand fun personality, the intelligence, the sexiness,and attractivness. She is all of these things. But what does not usually come with theseattributes? One thing that is an amazing surpriseon top of all of this, is Kayla's purity. What shehas to offer a man. How perfect is that??? Theman she is choosing to be with could not have asked for something more. How beautiful. He is living a man's dream.
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