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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 EconomicOpportunities Life Style Havana, Cuba the many What is like in LIFE Tourism Children wear school uniforms. Women on the island war short skirts or tight jeans and a blouse of a T-Shirt. You can trade money in for Cuban peso at banks, airports, or hotels. Each Cuban family gets a basic ration of staples like rice, beans, cooking oil, salt, sugar and bread. The Convertible Peso- or CUC is the currency used in Cuba.1.00 US dollar= 26.5000 Cuban Peso Milk is only available for mothers with children below the age of six. The average Cuban salary is about 350-400 Peso Nacional. The best paid are the Police, approx. 2500-3000 Peso Nacional (= 150$ per month) There are dentists earning as little as 12 dollars a month. A taxi driver can make more money than a doctor. Cuban cooks have limited access to spices or the many ingredients- they are too expensive to import. Old Havana is one of the most unique, atmospheric places on the planet. It is ranked the number 1 attraction in Cuba. You can ride the double-decker bus for about $5. Clothes in Cuba Tourists attractions The Napoleon Museum contains close to 8,000 pieces related to Napoleon. You can negotiate a carriage ride anywhere in Old Havana. Havana streets Carriage rides in Havana
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