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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 helicopter osprey The helicopter is probably one of the most worst types of flying military vehicle because of how easy it can be taken down when in combat. The CH-46 which is probably oneof the biggest types of flying military vehiclesthere is can only hold up to about the max 10 people all together. The normal helicopter is not that fast or strong compared to the osprey either. The osprey is one of the most best flying vehicles in the military and that's why its stronger then anormal helicopter and better then CH-46 which is also another flying vehicle that can only hold about 10the osprey can hold about 24people which is double theamount of the people who fit in theCH-46. Osprey aircraft's reputation takes fight in Afghan war. By: Joseph Espindola The main idea in my article is that Osprey can fight and is strongwhen fighting in battle.SummaryThat the osprey is strong and fast when fighting in battle. Afghanistan and any other air defense really does nothing to the osprey for damage.Afghanistan knows now to watch out for this machine in battle.I learned what the osprey is and how it is strong fast and big compared to flying vehicles.A word to know is osprey because that is the main topic that they are talking about in the article. People who would enjoy this would be people who want to know how thethe vehicle is strong and fast or people who like military vehicles or even people in the military.Something that would suprise people is that sense its so big it fits more people, but it cost more money becuase of its size. diagarm
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