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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Bunker Hill Fort Ticonderoga Who-The British where impactedWhat-The British wanted both hills because they wanted to have anadvantage agentes the Americans When-June 17,1775Where-Boston MassachusettsWhy-There where 2 hills and the British wanted both so they could defeat america Who-Ethan Allen and Colonel Benedict ArnoldWhat-It was a staging ground for Continental troops before their planned invasion of British-held territory in Canada.When- May 10, 1775Where-Fort Carrilo, New YorkWhy-Served as a key point of access to both Canada and the Hudson river why did Americans take the fort?- They took it because it was a staging ground for Continental troops before their planned invasion of British held territory in Canada. -Arnold and Allen did not like working together.- On May 10, when theytook the fort it was a very foggy morning. They took it when the British troops were asleep. How did the British Commander react?- Hereacted very quickly with a yes because they allwould have been killed if he said no.- Ethan Allen and the Americans took over the fort. Fort Ticonderoga was related to Battle of Monongahelabecause both battles were over a fort and the British were also involved in both battles.-The British surrenderedvery quickly to theAmericans. The Americans won the fort. The colonists won the war because of therestrategy. They had lesswarriors than the British. But they walked away with less dead/woundedpeople. The British would have won if they had better strategy and if they did not go in to war blindly. What evidence justifies the British actions for your event? British for the actions for their even because they needed to leave Boston and they only fort that watched the harbor so they needed it to evacuate out of Boston
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