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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Napoleon arrives in France to attend a military prep school at the age of 9. This was his arrival in France and the beginning of his desire to become a leader. (1778) Napoleon earns the title of general after leading the strategy and command for the Battle of Toulon. This showed his rise to power and growing influence.(1793) Napoleon is given controlof the French Army and beginshis Egyptian campaign.This shows his progress towardsbecoming a leader and hissuccess in France. (1798) Napoleon hears of turmoilin France and returns in a coup d'etat. He comes backand overthrows the Directory.This is the start of his rule inFrance. (1799) Napoleon introduces theNapoleonic code which provideslegal framework and freedomof religion. This shows hisability to rule based on ideasof the revolution. (1804) Napoleon loses the Battleof Trafalgar which is a majorloss for France and gives theBritish more power. This showsthe start of his empire startingto weaken. (1805) Napoleon hands the power ofother parts of France to hisother relatives which showshis absolute power and controlover all of France and his influence in the country and overpowering leadership. (1806) Napoleon invades Moscow andloses a great number of his armyand isn't able to repair the damages he has done, causingthe most costly mistake in theNapoleon Era. This was the pointwhere his empire started to falland his people lost faith. (1812) Alisha Mirapuri Napoleon gives up his ruleand the power of France isgiven to Louis XVIII and isexiled to Elba with his entirefamily. (1815)
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