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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Researchers at the Hospital of Wisconsin in Milwaukee compared the results of treating teens for two different lengths of time. They found that resting for one or two days was enough in most cases. Lots of Rest May Not Heal a Concussion Faster, Studies Say... Fact 2 The Hospital researchers studied 88people ages 11 to 22 who had suffered mild concussions. Most of them rested for one to two days and then slowly returned to their activities. Teens were restricted for five days: they were kept in quiet rooms, and not allowed to go to school. Fact 1 A concussion can happen when someone takes a hard knock to the head. The concussion can lead to headaches, feeling dizzy or confused, or mood changes. Rest and quiet are the most important steps to recovery.Sometimes, doctors want to cocoon a child who has a concussion. That means they are kept at home in a dark room with no TV, music, bright lights or smartphones. Sometimes the injured child is cocooned for up to five days. SummaryStudies are showing that cocooning the child is worse for the child, than just letting them sleep for at least two days will help the child more than cocooning the child. Vocab. Wordcocoon Parents would enjoy reading this, because most parents have children that play sports and get concussions, parents will now know that they don't have to take the child to the doctor (but you should still take the child to the doctor) and just let the child rest for about 2 days.
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