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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Lord Byron Historical content Lord Byron was one of the leading figures in the romantic movement in the 19th centuryLord Byron in this time obviously being one of the leading figures of the romantic movement didn't listen to what was thought of in this time. He expressed his feelings of love in many different ways.Male sexual desire was acknowledged, but it was thought that masturbation or frequent sex could damage a man's health or distract him from his work, eventually, if not properly controlled, could destroy his life Social content double click to change this header text! He was well educated at the prestigious Cambridge university1812 he published his first two cantos of Childe Harolds Pilgrimage and became famous overnightIn 1814, Byrons half-sister had a daughter, it was thought to believe that Byron is the father The following year Byron married Annabella Milbanke, they had a daughterIn July 1823, Byron left Italy to join the Greek insurgents who were fighting a war of Independence against the Ottoman Empire. Philsophical content The idea of Romanticism became popular with Byron, an emotional philosophy to him that revolved around his feelings towards women. Romanticism. Before Byrons time, sympathy shown to women from men was uncommon. Romanticism showed that men indeed had a soft spot and Byron explained in detail his feelings for the many women he had affairs with. .Has a specific rhyme scheme is like a sonnet but has more then 14 linesPoem is about two lovers who had to split apartDespair and sadness hovers over him In the 4th stanza he believes that she will forget about him and he will be lostThey must meet in secretBut cant because he is afraid that he will show his affection, With silence and tears.
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