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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 ВАЖНЫЕ новости Новой Москвы IntellectualProperty Rights are the rights to own something that does not have a physical form. This includes the lyrics to a song, the words in a book, the images in a piece of art, or company logos. Copyright is a type of Intellectual Property Right Copyright is... ...the legal right to produce or reproduce a work. This includes the right to publish, copy, perform, share, communicate, or deliver a work. Pieces of literature, music, art, or performance are automaticallycopyrighted by the creator. 50 YEARS after the end of the calendaryear of the copyright owner's death copy, perform, distribute, orotherwise reproduce a work or partof a work without the permission of the copyright holder The copyright is owned by theoriginal creator unless the work was created under anemployment contract, then the employer owns the copyright You are violating copyright laws if... Copyright lasts for Consequences Include... Plagiarism is the act of pretending that someone else's work (or even part of their work) is your own. Even if something is in the Public Domain, you cannot use it and claim it as your own.You can avoid committing plagiarism by citing or referencing where the ideas,words, images, or media came from. after 50 years, the work enters the Public Domain and is free to use without permission ...fines up to $1,000,000 and possible imprisonment, in thecase of a criminal offence.Civil offences are punishableby fines to compensate for damages. Copyright laws areimportant because... they "protect an author's right to benefit economically from the exploitation of his or her creative work" (Center for Public Legal Education Alberta, 2010). ReferencesCenter for Public Legal Education Alberta. (2010, January 15). Retrieved from Copyright - General.
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