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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Me in a nutshell The world's tropical forests are disappearing at a startling rate. The earth was covered with 14.8billion acres of tropical rainforests8,000 years ago. Today, merely half of that quantity remains. Latin America and Asia have lost approximately 40% of their original forests, and Africa has lost more than 50%. About me Sport & Outdoors- Sking / Ski-touring/Skihochtouren- Hiking/Hochtouren- High Altitude Treks - Mountainbiking- Sport Sledging 25% 5% Auslands-erfahrung StudiumBetriebswirtschaft 20% *Other includesurbanization, dams,mining, etc. 40% Online Marketing Industriekauffrau 20% Live, Work & Travel Corporate Social Responsibility - Be responsible- Boycott destructive methods - Reduce the footprint- Spread the word! Birthday: 31.03.1979 Take care of it! Sabine Hodgson Professional Skills - product development- strategy- teamlead- budget Disruption of Water Cycles Project-management Data preparation & analysis Mountains - content production (online/offline)- partnership material- contracts- advertising material Monitoring - web analysis- customer journey-performance marketing - output campaigns (ROI)- Landing Page Optimisation-CRM Education & Experience Produktmanagement Kontakt Sabine Hodgson - Am Wunderbrunnen 2c - 88161 Lindenberg im Allgäuemail: sabine.hodgson@yahoo.detel.: 0043- 6803194985web:www.travelpod/members/beanandsabine One Planet Südostasien Indien/Nepal Südamerika Tirol China England Nature Presentation
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