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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Electronics We are committed to serving you, no matter where you are in the world and no matter what sector of the electronics industry you specialise in. With electronics customers in every major manufacturing region, our global reach gives you unparalleled access to our comprehensive capabilities which include:-Global supply of critical materials and services-Innovation in gas and chemical-based solutions -Engineering turnkey solutions-Emission-lowering technologies-Environmentally sustainable manufacturing -Reduced manufacturing costs and improved yields. Chemical The worlds population is growing rapidly, with some estimates predicting that 10 billion people will be living on the planet by 2050. This poses a number of transport and mobility challenges. More and more people are using all modes of transport including rail, road and public bus services.Governments and local authorities are called on not only to expand existing public rail and road infrastructure especially in fast-growing economies such as China and India but also to manage land transport. In concrete terms, this means reducing the environmental impact and emissions in particular of a growing number of road vehicles. Power and Energy The chemical industry is extremely broad and plays a key role in the global economy.Chemical companies convert raw materials such as petrochemicals and plant extracts into tens of thousands of different products ranging from solvents and pharmaceuticals to perfumes and packaging polymers. Chemical products are an integral part of everyday life. Global demand for energy continues to spiral, fuelled by growth in the worlds population andeconomic expansion. Today, most of our energy needs are met through fossil fuels. However, these reserves are limited in supply and are contributing to the effects of global warming. To meet our energy needs as we move forward, we will need to combine a variety of conventional and alternative technologies, complementing these with efficiency measures to maximise the return on existing fossil deposits. Rubber and Plastics Mobility & Transport Rising environmental pressures are opening up new applications for lighter, more innovative plastic and rubber materials. In many curing and moulding applications, for instance, gas and cryogenic solutions represent energy-efficient alternatives to conventional steam techniques. In addition, increasingly strict regulatory controls on CFCs are restricting or prohibiting the use of certain chemicals. Once again, cryogenic gases can be an environmentally sound way to support your phase-out strategy. And last but not least, they can help you replace hazardous blowing agents. Linde Philippines and the industries we serve.
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