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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Roommate Addition 9 WAYS TO SURVIVE LIVING WITH NEW PEOPLE One of the most challenging parts of college and living on campus is having to live with new people. Before you get scared and change your mind about it, read these steps to ease yourtransition. Step Three: Find Out the BadBefore, you found out what you can bond over and now it's time to find sources of conflict.When you know each other's differences you know how to work through them.Without doing this, you won't know how to solve problems when they arise. Step Two: Get to know them.You may not be attracted to their personality at first, but don't judge.Hear them out and get to know them, just because they may have different views, doesn't mean you all can't get along.Learn what you all share before and focus on the positive. Step Five: The ViolationsThe agreement is done, you have everything and you've been doing your part BUT they aren't as compliant.First: address the situation respectfully. We are all adults, you can talk it out. Talking is mature and is more likely to be respected. Still Won't Budge?You've been respectful, you've asked nicely, but he/she still won't help out or compromise, what do you do? You have your RA step in before it gets too bad! Don't wait until an argument breaks out to seek help. Seek help as soon as you see the problem. Always go to somebody aheadif a problem cannot besolved through speakingit out. Enjoy ItAt the end of the day, one of the biggest changes is not being at home. You are here to enjoy this new experience and make the best of it. Don't cause conflict and mess up your own or anybody else's on-campus experience! Keep In Mind:Bring your own stuff. Sharing is fun until someone messes something up or doesn't return something.Come in with an open mind.Learn how to choose your battles, not everything deserves a response. Step One: Reach Out! double click to change this header text! Step Four: Work on ItNow that you are in contact, have the likes and dislikes, learn how to work around the dislikes.A roommate agreement could help with this, you will be provided with one. As soon as you get your roommate assignment(s), EMAIL them.This shows that you are friendly and have a plan to get to know them.Even if you aren't friendly, this gets rid of early-on conflict. Get their social network info and show initiative
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