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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Comments on the TPACK framework Diane Potts' (2005) Pedagogy, Purpose, and the Second Language Learner in On-line Communitiesbased on Koehler and Mishra (2005)'s What is Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge? CK Knowledge about the subject matter to be learned and taught The teacher taught a graduate seminar on modern language education at a university. The information of CK is not quite explicit in the article but I assume the teacher has full CK plus an objective to facilitate students struggling with the language demands. Four students (out of ten overall) who are the focus are self-identified as non-native speakers (NNSs). PK Knowledge about the processes, practices, and/or methods of teaching in classroom The nature of a seminar is dialogue interaction that requires continuous focused participation from the students. I think the teacher chose an appropriate pedagogical approach that allows verbal interactions to take place in the exchange of ideas and thought among students. I assume from the article that the teacher may also usethe Socratic Method in teaching. TK Knowledge about technologies of various kinds, both basic and advanced technologies The teacher uses WebCT to create a course site. WebCT is a learning managing system, like Blackboard. It serves as a hub containing links, resources and especially an asynchronous bulletin board which is the focus of the study. PCK Knowledge about the selection and/or decision of teaching approaches that suit the content and make the content best tailored to students and learning experience Even though WebCT has many features, the teacher pays attention mainly to the use of an asynchronous bulletin board as a community space for discussion outside class time. This is assumed as a good approach based on the objectives of the seminar to encourage academic dialogue. The teacher is aware that some of the students are having difficulties in contributing to the class; therefore, asynchronous forums where they can create a community of practice seem the most suitable solution. Also, throughthis, the struggling students, and other students,have an opportunity to have social presence in a separate community apart from the weekly seminar. TPK Knowledge about how teaching and learning are manifested or change when particular technologies or tools are used TPACK Knowledge stemming from the understanding of inter-relation and interaction of content, pedagogy, and technology knowledge to render the most effective learning and teaching environment To me, the teacher uses WebCT to supplement the graduate seminar course as to enhance greater dialogue participation outside class. However, not only does the teacher concentrate on content quality of posts based on assigned reading, the teacher also encourages critical and analytic thinking as well as a sense of shared community among the students. Content Knowledge Pedagogy Knowledge Technology Knowledge Pedagogy Content Knowledge Technology Pedagogy Knowledge Technology Pedagogy Content Knowledge In this category, I think the teacher knows very well how to use the bulletin board for discussion. What is interesting is that the teacher also uses pedagogical approach in not grading postings the students contribute. From the article, it says no minimum number of postings, no requirements to post questions, no postings on readings. Students were left to develop their own uses of the bulletin board to advance their learning (Potts, 2005, p. 143). On one hand, I think it is an interesting approach to allow self-directed or self-regulation in learning autonomy. However, on the other hand,the lack of instructions can lead to confusion and ends up with unexpectedly low number of responses. Created by Yungie
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