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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Battle of Brooklyn The Battle of Brooklyn double click to change this header text! When did it start? Started on Aug. 22, 1776 VS Where did this battle take place? Right there, on Long Island. That's why it is also called The Battle of Long Island But, why? Because, the British were attemptinga campaign on gaining control of the strategically important city of New York and the Hudson river So, who was Impacted by this? The British forces under General WilliamHowe and his brother Admiral Richard Viscount Howe, and defeat Patriot forces under General George Washington. Who were some major leaders? General Jon Sullivan, Lord Stirling, Colonel Samuel Attlee, Lt. Col. James Grant, Major Gen. James Grant, General William Howe, And George Washington. Why was this area important to the british? Because the British wanted toGain control of the HudsonRiver to divide rebellious coloniesin half. What if George Washington didn'tRelocate his troops? All of them would haveDied from beingSurrounded and shot What were the consequences? The colonists had to Leave Brooklyn andgo back to Manhattan How does Howe usually respondTo his leaders? He usually responded by doing what they always said Yes, sir! Who said "Good God, what brave fellows i must lose" ? Washington himself said itand had significance becauseof how the troops broke into the British lines and surrendured.250 of those Maryladn troops died Siege of Yorktown and Treaty of Paris Siege of Yorktown and the Treaty of Paris Who were the delegates (people chosen to go) from the United States who were sent to sign the Treaty of Paris? What would of happened at the battle of Yorktown, had the french not arrived Do you agree with the treaty? Do you think the treaty was more beneficial to the British or the Americans? Why was this battle important to the end of the war? What are some of terms in the treaty that were beneficial to Britain? What are some of the terms of the treaty that were beneficial to the colonists? b. The Siege of Yorktown happened through September 28 October 19, 1781. The mix of Colonial and French troops invaded the British city of Yorktown, Virginia. The attack was lead by the famous General George Washington and the French General Comte de Rochambeau.They began the final attack on the night of October 14, After capturing two British defenses lead to surrender. Days, later British General Lord Cornwallis with nearly 9,000 troops. Yorktown was the ending of the American Revolution. With peace negotiations afterwards. e. The other possible outcomes for my event is that the french could have not signed the treaty and kept on with the war and beat the British c. The outcome of the event is that the french signed the treaty and hadn't gave up all french land so they could neutralize the military threat to the British colonies there d. I agree with the outcomes because it makes the America's a safer more peaceful place then it was before If the french had not arrived to Yorktown at the time they did the Americans wouldn't have had won the war and Yorktown wouldn't have proved to be the final battle of the American Revolution,and the British wouldn't have begun peace negotiations shortly after that American victory. The delegates that were sent to Paris to sign the treaty were Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, John Jay, William Temple Franklin and Henry Laurens f) The event that is related to the Siege of Yorktown is the Battle of Monmouth. It is related to it because it lead up to the Siege of Yorktown. g) I would recommend a more stealthy approachwith native bowsand arrows and/or crossbows then just bombarding the lace with 1000s of men. This battle was important to the end of the war because it was the final battle. It was also when the British laid down their arms and surrendered showing that The British army was decimated and the Revolutionary war was virtually over. I agree with the outcome of the Treaty. The Treaty was beneficial to both of the nations because it stopped a massive bloodbath, stopped the massive money use,and saved thousands of lives for the Americans and British. The best term that helped out the British is if the French signed the treaty they would give up all land in North America to neutralize the military threats of the British colonies there. The Treaty of Paris of 1783, helped reach an agreement between the United States and Great Britain, it ended the revolutionary war and recognized American independence such as the nations freedom
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