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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Battle Of Princeton Battle Of Princeton Britain Captures Savannah and Charleston Britain Captures Savannah and Charleston December 29,1778 December 29,1778 January 3, January 3, South Carolina Why? When? They did this as a bigger plan to get the Carolinas and Georgia under British control. They outnumbered the British 5 to 1 overcoming them ! Where? Who was Impacted? Both sides were affected for both wars It uses smaller and more mobile infantry groups against a larger and less equipped enemy. A large presence of royalist would draw the Brits attention Royalists are supporters of the British they would need the supporters help or they could not succeed George Washington often does what is called an orderly retreat throughout the war.Orderly retreats were beneficial because you wouldnt risk losing many men in a lopsided firefight but they were also very risky because you were giving up landand may not have the chance to get it back. The major leaders of The Battle of Princeton were General George Washington and Major General Lord Cornwallis. The Americans outmaneuvered the British and escaped their encircling moveto win the war, although the real heroes were the men of Mawhoods 17th and 55th foot regimens. Because those cities had large amounts British supporters and the British wanted their help. They had more Loyalists because they were in Georgia and they thought they had done very well with Britain so far so why change anything?