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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Japan Here in japan, there is lots to do!You can visit beutiful mountians andtemples, see castles, and more! Japan isalso the home of Godzilla, Pokemon, bullettrains, and a big history! You will learn aboutthe following(ninjas, earthquakes, gardens,the feudiual system, samurai, and more!) AndNothing having to relate to giant laser shootinglizards and weird looking creatures that you can capture in balls Japan,just like many other countries and states surrounding the pacific, have been known to rumble, literately. They reston the pacific ring of fire, an area that surrounds tectonic plates around the pacific, and therefore, they cause earthquakesJapans creation has to do with a lot of oceanic movement thathave lasted from the mid Silurian period up until the ice age. Thefirst mentioning of and earthquake in Japanese historical recordsdates back to 416 A.D. People first thought that earthquakes werecaused by namazu, a giant catfish that lived under the japanese islands that moved around to cause earthquakes. Another earthquake in 599 A.D destroyed building thought the yamato province.A recent example of a japanese earthquake is the 2011 earthquake, which caused a 33ft tall tsunamis and destroyed many buildings.To prepare for earthquakes, the Japanese government orders that buildings should have some sort of way to withstand earthquakes, and it expectshomes to have a first aid kit as well as other important survival items thatcan be used to supply people until help arrives. Plus people do earthquakedrills to prepare if in a real live situation of an earthquake
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