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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Earthquake Safety Tips: ~Find a table to hide underneath.~Go to an interior wall and crouch down, covering your head and neck.~Stay away from windows and glassobjects.~Always have an earthquake kit handy.~In your kit you should have: batteries,flashlight, canned food, bottled water,blankets, etc. ~If you can, don't live by a transform boundary! Plate Boundaries: ~Divergent Boundaries: Mid-Atlantic Ridge~Convergent Boundaries: Rocky Mountains~Transform Boundaries: San Andreas Fault What is a volcano? A volcano is a weak spot in the crust where molten material, or magma, comes to the surface. Volcanic activity is a constructive force that adds new rock to existing land and forms new islands. Volcanoes can make various types oflandforms. Lava plateaus, calderas, dikes, batholiths, etc. are all types of landformsmade by volcanoes. What is an Earthquake?An earthquake is the shakingand trembling that results in the movement of rock underneath Earth's surface. The movement of Earths plates creates powerful forces that squeeze or pull therock in the crust. Earthquakes can cause liquefaction and tsunamis. Liquefaction is when the earthquake cause rocks to turn into loose soil or mud. Tsunamis happen in the ocean in which the tide goes out, comes in andwipes everything and carries it back out. Mount St. Helens:When: 1980Where: Washington, USA (part of theRing of Fire, in the west Pacific Ocean.What happened: A 5.1 earthquake happenedinside Mount St.Helens, causing north flank to fall, eventually causing the largest landslidein history. A huge explosion also happened equating to 500 atomic bombs. Mount St. Helens is an explosive volcano. Volcano Pressure starts building up in the volcano. Magma starts rising,trying to find cracks in the crust. Pressure gets sostrong, that the magma spews out the crater causingan eruption. Earthquake Plates slip pasteachother at the transform boundary. This causes stress in the crust, causingand earthquake. An aftershock is likely to occur.
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