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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 OBJECTS double click on textto edit or change double click to change this title text! Francisco de Goya Goya is a famous Spanish painter from the mid-1700's to the early 1800's. He is well known for the elegance of his artwork and his ability to put ordinary events into detailed artistry. Plaza Morazan Plaza Morazan is the mainsquare in the capital city ofHonduras, Tegucigalpa. The square is named after a former Honduran general and head of state Sports Clubs and Gyms double click to changethis text! Drag a cornerto scale proportionally. Sports Clubs and Gyms are very popular in Spanish speaking countries because there are not many school-based teams, so many join private gyms for individual exercise. 4A Culture Infrographic - Tommy Hutchins The Pilsen Neighborhood You can hear Spanish being spoken throughout the US.For example, the PilsenNeighborhood (in Chicago), ishome to one of the largestMexican communities inthe nation. Colorful muralsand thriving businesses givePilsen its own charcter. Movies Movies are a popular form of entertainment in many Spanish-speaking countries; especially for teens. ManySpanish countries have athriving film industry. Old San Juan Old San Juan is a popularand lively part of Puerto Rico'scapital, San Juan. Puerto Rican authorities are trying to preserve old colonial buildings, and restorethem to their original beauty. St. Augustine St. Augustine, Florida is the oldest European settlement (1565). It was founded 55 years before thePilgrims landed on Plymouth Rock. The Alamo Constructed as a mission in 1718,The Alamo is best known as akey battle ground in the secessionof Texas from Mexico in 1836. The French Quarter Located in New Orleans, it was named after the French who first settled here. Fires ravagedin this French area in the late 1700's. When the rebuilding of this area was done, the architecturalstyle was Spanish. Castillo de San Marcos Spain built this structure to protect St. Augustine and the sea routes for ships returning to Spain.The building of it began in 1672 and took 23 years to complete.When Spain sold Florida to the USin 1821, the fort was renamed FortMarion. Spanish Catholic Missions A network of Spanish Catholic Missions once extended throughout the Americas. Many current, Southwestern US cities were originally built around one of these missions.
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