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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Lung Cancer:Lung Cancer isnot transferrablefrom one person to another.The most commonreason that a personmay contract lung canceris from the smokingof cigarettes.Lung cancer (or Bronchiogenic Carcinoma) is diagnosedwhen you get aCT scan at the doctorsoffice.Lung cancer affectsthe body by creatingtumors in yourlungs and slowly start eating awayat your lung tissue. When a person developslung cancer, it does not hurtthe person diagnosed,but they know that ifthey are not treated, they maydie.At first they try to performsurgery on the patient,but if that does not work theymay try radiation or chemo-therapy.If you want to prevent lung cancer you can avoid smokingor secondhand smoking, testyour house for radon, excersiseand eat well and avoid carcinogensat work. Alzheimer's:Alzheimer's is adisease that eatsaway at you brainand is a type ofdementia that wasperceived to be non-transmittable,but recent studiessay that it may bea result of an infection.It is extremely hardto determine whethera person hasAlzheimer's and ifthey can, then theywill use a series ofmental tests,physical andneurological testsand the doctorneeds an extensivefile of the patientsmedical history. Diseases It affects the bodyby attacking theelectronic connectionsin our brains and willdevelop clusters of fibersand clumps todestroy memoriesand cognitivefunctions.A person with theAlzheimer's diseaseexperiences memoryloss and briefmoments ofunconsciousness.It is unclear whetherwe will ever findone cure for thedisease, but modernday doctors havemade treatmentsto maintain mentalfunction, managingbehaviors anddelay the symptomsof the disease.Modern day doctorshave decided thatAlzheimer's canbe caused bygenetics and lifestyle. Arthritis:Arthritis is a non-transmittable diseasewhere it attacksthe joints andbones of a personand most casesare found in thehand and fingers.Arthritis is causedby cells that formtissue betweenjoints, so the fingersstart rubbing togetherwith joints.The doctor willdo a series of tests,including blood testsand x-rays. Arthritis affects the bodyby attacking the tissuebetween joints andessentially making thejoin ts rub togetherand cause point.A person with arthritiswill feel pain in theaffected joints and willgenerally just ache.There is no official treatmentfor arthritis, but there areways to prevent it.Prevention of arthritisincludes eating healthy andexcersicing regularily. Heart Disease:Heart Disease is a disease that is non-transmittable and it is adisease that is the number onecause of death in the United Statesand includes heart attack, cardiacarrest and heart failure.It is caused by high cholesterol,smoking or being under active.It can be diagnosed by usingstress test or using a electro-cardiogram.It shuts down the heartand makes it sol thatblood can not flow through to yourbrain, so it knocks you unconsciousand can be fatal in some cases.Someone who has anexperience with heart diseasedoesn't feel anything because theyare either knocked out or they are dead.There are many differentdrugs used to treat heart diseaseincluding ACE inhibitors, ARBs andBeta-Blockers.To prevent heart disease youneed to keep a steady blood pressure,low cholesteral and don't smoke. Meningitis:Meningitis is a diseasewhere a persons membranessurrounding the spine and brainare inflamed, but this is nota transmittable disease.It is caused by a viral infection inmost cases, but in somecases it is caused by fungus andbacterial infections.It is diagnosed using blood-cultures, lumbar puncture andx-ray imaging.It affects the body by inflamingsomeones membranes by thebrain and spine.Someone with meningitis mayexperience pain in the area near theirbrain and the top of their spine.Treatment for it is oxygen therapyand supportive care.You can practice good hygieneand stay healthy if you want to preventmeningitis
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