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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Landmark Court Cases McCollough vs. Maryland (1819) Chief Justice John Marshall Gibbons vs. Ogden (1824) Marbury vs. Madison (1803) Supreme Court supported thegrowth of the national market.Congress has gained the power to be able to trade with other states. This case has established the federal govt. right's to regulate anything thathappens to be involved with interstate commerce. This case has also set for them to expandfuture for Congressional powerover what other states want todo. This case also allowed forferry boats to pass through the Hudson River between New Yorkand New Jersey. The Supreme Court was seen asthe weakest branch out of all three before John came.Marshall made the SupremeCourt a new center of govt.power. Marshall establishedthe principle of the JudicialReview. This case created the judicial review which gave the courtthe power to declare a lawis unconstitutional. It also gavethem the power to order deliveryof the Commission went againstthe Constitution. And, bymaking them the final authorities for the constitution, their power was stronger. This case showed that we had two issues: If Congress couldcreate a bank without it being in the Constitution and second, If Maryland had the power to put taxes oninstitutions of the federal govt.?Marshall granted Congressaccess to charter a national,since it helped Congress usetheir other powers.Elastic clause was written in theConstitution so it gives Congress all those powers needed to carry out their powers. And, the federalgovt. have the right to create a bankand states cannot interfere with it. double click to change this title text! Jessica Hernandez
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